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Household Appliances

Heraeus Sensor Technology has been supplying Pt temperature sensors in thin-film technology for use in household appliances for years in quantities of millions. With stable production processes the company can provide subcontractors with the most reliable, accurate and long lasting Pt sensor technology also for this extremely selective market.
With mass markets such as that for household appliances the emphasis is on the requirements profile and the benefits for the end user. Here, there is plenty of scope for objective co-operation. Heraeus Sensor Technology therefore offers the customer direct co-operation in product and cost optimisation.
Ovens - hotplates - pots and pans
Nowadays, the high repeatability of Pt temperature sensors is used in millions of ovens to monitor both the baking temperature (typically < 220°C) as well as the pyrolitic self-cleaning (typically > 450°C). In very different, customised versions and installation positions Pt temperature sensors ensure reliable temperature control with hotplates in glass-ceramics - irrespective of whether it is with gentle steaming, simmering or crispy frying.
Through multiple measurement on the same carrier, the SMD style of the sensors from Heraeus Sensor Technology facilitates an integrating, wide-area measurement of the hotplate temperature for genuine gourmet cooking.