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Pt temperature sensors for household appliances
Heraeus platinum temperature sensors provide precise temperature monitoring in household appliances. Our sensors reliably control the temperature in various designs and installation positions, e.g. baking ovens and cooktops. We have the capability to produce, if needed, a part designed for a specific customer application. We welcome the opportunity to work with our customers to optimize both the product and the cost.
Performance Features
  • Precision
  • Long-term stability
  • Wide range of temperature measurements
  • Standardized characteristic curve DIN EN 60751
  • Customer-specific designs
Your Benefits – Our Strengths
  • Sensor solutions customized to your requirements
  • High-quality finished products
  • Serial production for low-cost prices
Temperature Control
  • Cooktops
  • Baking ovens (typically < 220°C)
  • Pyrolytic self-cleaning (typically > 450°C)
Experts at Heraeus will gladly advise you. Benefit from our expertise please call and request a quotation.
More Information
Heraeus Sensor Technology supplies Pt thin-film temperature sensors for use in household appliances, with a history of millions of sensors delivered over a span of several years. Using stable manufacturing processes, the company is able to provide manufacturers in this very selective market with highly reliable, precise and durable Pt sensor technology.
In mass markets, such as the household appliance market, the focus is on the requirement profile and the benefit for end-users. There is a wide range of opportunities for productive cooperation. Heraeus looks forward to closely cooperating with customers for product and cost optimization.
Ovens – Stoves – Pots
Millions of baking ovens utilize the high repeatability of Pt temperature sensors to monitor both baking temperature (typically < 220°C) and pyrolytic self-cleaning (typically > 450°C).
In a wide range of customer-specific designs and installation positions, Pt temperature sensors provide reliable temperature control for cooktops. Heraeus SMD Pt temperature sensors allow for multiple temperature measurements on the same carrier, resulting in integrated, extensive measurement of the cooktop temperature that is critical for genuine gourmet cuisine.